Attention to Details

A watch is not just an accessory, it's an extension of your signature.

316L Stainless Steel Casing

It was important for us to keep a minimalist design that blends classic and contemporary styles. To achieve versatility with our design, we decided that it was best to keep the case size reasonable. We found that at 38mm, it was the perfect case diameter: not too large for a dress watch, not too small for casual. It is also a perfect size for both women and men.

Swiss Movement

The movement is the beating heart of any watch. Although hidden from sight this essential mechanism will determine the precision of your time piece. In modern times, it is important to be accurate. After testing and researching for the among the best on the market, we have decided to use premium ETA(802.002) Swiss Made movement which known for the highest quality. Along with RENATA Swiss battery with a life time of 36 months to ensure perfect timekeeping for many years to come.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Our manufacturing partners have decades of experience and have produced some of the most well-recognized watch brands. We consistently pay visits to manufactures making sure the quality is up to the standards. Once manufactured, each piece is then independently inspected for any faults and defects to ensure the highest possible quality.

Genuine Marble

Our marble collections feature all genuine marble dials produced from actual raw stones. Each individual timepiece will have its own unique natural veining pattern, making each and every piece is truthfully one of a kind. Although it is much easier and much cheaper to have marble "look alike" pattern print on the dial, we insist to keep the originality and go with a much more complicated process of using raw stones for the absolute uniqueness.